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If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the music scene and keep your customers happy with all the latest hits and trends then a digital jukebox is what you need.

If you’re interested in having a digital jukebox installed in your venue then call us now to discuss your options. There is NO INSTALL COST and contracts can be arranged on a profit-sharing basis, so you benefit from the cashbox takings too! There’s NO PURCHASE NECESSARY with our hire contracts and you’ll also get our 7-day-a-week service cover as standard, so you can be sure that we’ll always be there if you need any help or Sound Leisure Jukeboxesadvice.

We are approved installers of Sound Leisure Jukeboxes and their industry-leading software and hardware packages mean they are always the first choice for any venue.

We stock four main digital touchscreen cabinets:

BrowserFloor Standing Digital Jukebox Cabinet – This floor-standing cabinet is the largest available and stands an impressive 6 feet tall. With a brushed aluminium frame and twinkling coloured lights across the front they really command the eye. They are visually impressive and make an immediate impact in any venue space, drawing customers in. They can be set-up with either the MIM or the RPS 10k audio packages and can also be installed as a video jukebox!

Wall Mounted Digital Jukebox Cabinet
Digitrack II/Music Post II
– This unit offers all the usual features contained in a sleek and attractive, wall-mounted cabinet. At only 21cm deep and with modern styling and a brushed aluminium finish this cabinet will fit perfectly into any venue. They can be set-up with either the MIM or the RPS 10k audio packages and the Music Post II can also be installed as a video jukebox!

Compact Wall Mounted Jukebox
– This compact and stylish unit is the smallest cabinet in the range and comes in a range of colours to suit any venue. Based around the image of the i-pod and constructed from a specially designed resin, its unique looks give it the ability to command attention despite its diminutive stature. They can be set-up with either the RPS 10k or Value audio packages.

Large Screen Wall Mounted Digital Jukebox
– The latest unit in the range offers even more functions and features all packed into a great-looking modern cabinet design. With a High Definition 32” touchscreen display mounted in ‘portrait’ format it allows for more venue-specific information and advertising to be shown during use and grabs the customer’s eye even more than previous models. New features include a content-rich interface, gesture controls, drag-and-drop searching, Intelligent Spell Check and Smart Search, playlist creator, venue customisable interface and a modular updatable software platform. They can be set-up with either the MIM or the Unlimited audio packages.

Due to licensing regulations our digital jukebox packages are determined by the number of tracks that they hold.Milestone In Music Logo These are:

Unlimited – access to 5,000,000 tracks online!

Milestones In Music (MIM) – 30,000 tracks, including every Top 40 hit since 1952. 100 new tracks every 2 weeks.

RPS10k Logo

RPS 10000 – 10,000 tracks, including 30 new tracks every 2 weeks.

Value – 5,000 tracks, including 30 new tracks every 4 weeks.

Other features include:

- 1,000s of tracks instantly at your fingertips.

- Create multiple background music timers, allowing different musical styles to be played at different times of the day and week.

- Search for tracks by genre or artist/track name (on Milestones In Music machines you can also search by release date and view the Top40 from any week from 1952 onwards).

- Use the touchscreen displays to advertise your own events and promotions by uploading photos & images directly onto the machine.

- Receive music updates every two weeks with latest releases included and Album Of The Month feature on certain models.

- Multiple uses, just one machine – Bingo and Pub Quiz features available on certain models provide increased productivity and functionality.

Give your customers the freedom to choose what they listen to and benefit from the cashbox takings yourself – with the right profiling and positioning a digital jukebox can pay for itself and make you money too!

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