No two bars are ever the same and that’s part of why we love them so much. It’s those individual differences that keep us going back to our old favourites and give us so much pleasure when we find new gems that we can tell all of our friends about.

Over the years we’ve seen them all – classy, quirky, bold, sporty and spartan (no its not the new Spice Girls tribute act!). Each venue has its own vibe and its own scene that gives it a unique identity and can either make or break it.

Bars - TribecaWe’re used to working with bar owners who want to make their venue the best in town and who often have very clear ideas about what they do or don’t want to have in their bar to create that specific look and feel. We can provide the technical experience and knowledge to turn those ideas into functional and practical solutions and allow the owner the time to concentrate on bringing the other essential parts of the business together.

Whether you’re after a simple, easy-to-use background sound system or a fully integrated and flexible foreground video and audio system we have the industry experience and product knowledge to design a bespoke solution just for you.

We’re able to supply and install DJ equipment, lighting equipment, TV and video systems, integrated audio systems, jukeboxes & other customer-focussed music content technology and also provide various different levels of access and control for your managers and bar staff.

We know that in the licensed trade things can easily get abused and misused so we aim to make all of our systems as durable and bomb-proof as possible giving you the best service reliability and ease-of-use to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Case studies


Situated tucked away in the trendy Northern Quarter and with décor like you’ve never seen before this is a unique and popular drinking hole despite being off the beaten track. » Read the Case Study

Hula Bar

This fabulous basement cocktail bar is situated in Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter and has a distinctly tropical Hawaiian theme. Complete with bamboo beach hut decor… » Read the Case Study

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